Many Americans will be enjoying more time at home with family and friends over the holidays. The extra quality time with family is wonderful, and the extra quality time with your beloved home is pretty great, too. Perhaps you’re thinking of ways to update your space to get even more out of your most important investment. If so, you are reimagining spare rooms, or even spare nooks and corners, in your home.

Consider the possibilities of a whole new space in your house. You could create a library, office, craft room, etc. Or, you could turn the room into a guest room, or even a playroom for your kids or grandkids.

One room homeowners are rethinking is the kitchen. Older homes sometimes have a built-in desk nook for running the household or doing homework. If you don’t use this space, you could transform it into a wet bar for entertaining.

And consider the bathroom, too. If your kids are grown and have moved away, you could turn their old bathroom into an in-home spa getaway for yourself or simply a guest bathroom.

If you are retiring soon and planning to “age in place,” now is a great time to make some transformations using accessible design. So, take accessibility into account when dreaming of upgrades for your home. Some ideas for accessible design include creating wider doorways and installing grab bars. Don’t forget lighting — dimmers add a simple way to control lighting for people with changing eyesight.

Even though you may feel that a redesign will erase some memories, think about it this way: You are making the space to make brand new memories for you and your family. Please get in touch for a personalized redesign to suit your own family and home.