Cannot compliment you enough on the quality of the insulation, and the living room solar design. Such a huge difference from our last house — the house just feels much warmer and holds heat so much better than our old house with the thermostats at the same temperature.

— G.S.

I want to take a minute to put in writing how grateful we are for the job you have done. We both appreciate the way we have been treated by all of you throughout the past year.

— C.M.

I’m impressed how fast all this gets done, and I think we are going to be very pleased with the new porch. Already the temperature in there is comfortable after the insulation It makes a world of difference. I’ve invited our neighbors over to see proper air sealing.

— J.L

From Houzz:
Andy and his company Arlington Designer Homes did a great job for us. They did a major renovation: expanded and completely redesigned the kitchen, completely redid both our bathrooms, installed modern recessed lighting throughout the house, installed all new windows, put in much improved insulation in the attic, along with new attic stairs and installed a full length attic vent in the roof, much improving ventilation and energy efficiency. They put in a giant picture window in our master bedroom and another in the kitchen. They also did a whole bunch of smaller items like redoing cupboard spaces, painting, etc. Everything was on budget and on schedule, often even ahead of schedule.

This was a huge investment for us, probably equivalent to 30% of our home’s value, but our old (1950) ranch house is now completely transformed. The new bathrooms are luxurious, the whole house is brighter and feels much more open, and everyone who visits says how much they love the big new kitchen.

We’re not very detail oriented people so we only gave Andy pretty vague ideas of what we wanted done and he then got together the architects, the permits, and all the professionals needed to make it happen. He consulted with us remotely all along the way (we were posted overseas during the whole planning stage) and always gave solid advice, including sometimes recommending cheaper or simpler alternatives even though it meant a lower amount for his company. We have had many friends in the DC area tell us of their home renovation horror stories and we are very relieved to have had such a great experience with Andy Moore and Arlington Designer Homes.

— Scott Weinhold

Andrew’s professionalism, attention to detail and reliability made our renovation a wonderful experience. (Or project included our kitchen/dining area, two bathrooms, a new deck, all windows and floors. His entire team and vendors were a pleasure to work with. He was mindful of our budget and kept us abreast of expenses–no surprises. I highly recommend him.

— B.F

Over the last 5 years, working with Andy and his team has been a breath of fresh air. They work on a tight schedule, know their product and understand their market. They are true industry professionals, and are a pleasure to work with. I recommend them to my clients looking to build in the Arlington market, who want an enduring, beautiful, high performance home.

We met Andrew Moore (President of Arlington Designer Homes) through our realtor because of his expertise in building energy efficient homes. From moment we met Andrew there was a level of comfort that we did not feel with any of the other contractors. We hired Andrew to do significant renovations to our single family home. Andrew is very easy to work with and through out the project he was very straight forward and upfront about the project cost and timeline. Andrew always made sure that we stayed within budget by providing appropriate options when made selections for our home. He always took the time to meet and answer any questions we had regarding the project. Andrew’s attention to detail and his understanding of our vision for the renovations ensured that in the end we had our dream home. We are very satisfied with the final results and we would highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking to renovate their home.

I have been working with Andy for several years now, and have been very impressed with his work ethic and his personality. He is always professional and has a good sense of humor. His projects are quality building using quality materials, and have great design. He makes the project fit the client and the property very well.

Arlington Designer Homes is a top notch builder who’s experience, approach and execution of high quality custom homes can be seen throughout Arlington. We have worked with Andy and ADH on several projects and have always appreciated his attention to detail, construction expertise and professionalism when it comes to client services. We would certainly recommend Andy and his team to build new or renovate and refresh your existing home.

— M Kar

We were very lucky to be introduced to Andrew Moore, President of the company, when we were just about to build a new home. He has a lot of experience building environmentally friendly homes and we were very impressed with the homes that he was building at the time. Andrew is very straight forward and clear, and pays great attention to detail. He has an incredible understanding of what we want to accomplish and makes sure that we get the best people to do the projects. Building a new home is very complicated, there are thousands of details and decisions to be made, but we were always able to reach Andrew and he would clarify things for us and give us his opinion when we were in doubt. It has been a great experience working with him. Our home is almost finished and we are extremely happy with the results; we could never have done it without him.

— L.M

I have had the privilege of working with Andrew in an interesting way: we were both asked to sit on a panel of environmentally focused real estate professionals who could help bring light to “green financing” in our market place. Then, we happened to both be nominated for the ACE Green Patriot Award, which was awesome, because he does so much for the Arlington Community, too! From our interaction there, and having seen his brilliantly crafted product on the market in and around Arlington, VA, I can attest to Andrew’s knowledge of fine home building, energy efficiency and his commitment to community sustainability.His homes are gorgeous and well constructed. I can’t wait to place one of my homeowners in one of his new construction homes!

— IL Fuller

Over the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of working closely with this firm on a complex project involving the demolition of existing farm houses and preparation of land in Fairfax County for lot split and sale. It has involved complicated transactions with county officials, citizens groups, engineering and demolition firms and potential buyers. I have found them to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and very customer oriented . I have the impression that they conduct all their activities with a sense of honor and fairness to all sides. I recommend them unreservedly.

— Wilmert

In 2012, I stopped at a new home construction site of Arlington Designer Homes. I had an interest in the type and quality of their work. Andy Moore, a principal in ADH, took me on a tour of the property. I was impressed with the overall work site organization and the quality of construction.

Later I was invovled in a repair project at my home to correct complex issues I had with rotting wood. My contractor seemed to be doing a good job but I had concerns regarding the expertise he had relating to support beam work.

I thoughr of Andy Moore and asked if he would mind doing some consulting work for me and assess the handling of my project by my contractor (I had not asked ADH to do the work since I was aware that it was not the type of work ADH was looking for). Andy graciously agreed to come by and look at what had been done and what was planned to complete my project.He found that my contractor was approaching my task professionally and doing the things needed to make for a good finished job. Andy’s promptness in responding to my plea for guidance and the thoroughness of his review of the work which had been done and was planned gave me the desired sense of relief I was looking for. If I should consider new home construction in the Arlington area, I would certainly speak with ADH first. I am very comfortable with what I saw regarding quality of workmanship, site maintenance, promptness of response and overall comfort in the dealings I had with ADH.

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