Why We are Different

Award-Winning Custom Home Designs

At Arlington Designer Homes we build for the way YOU live. As a true custom design/ build firm we work with our clients to meet their needs.

We leverage our expertise as local builders to streamline the design and build process and to make it easy for our customers. We use our local knowledge of real estate and regulations to identify and mitigate any potential issues early in the process and to make sure we can design and build your project in a timely manner.

A great example of our customized customer process is in how we communicate. People today can communicate in many different ways. We have found that people usually favor one or two ways, emails, texts, or personal meetings. We identify the best way to receive and deliver information and then we customize our messages in the format that best facilitates a good flow of communication and information in both directions.

Our advanced framing and insulation systems are a core building block of what we offer our customers. During our framing process we use less wood which gives us the opportunity to use more insulation and create a more efficient house. This is not rocket science, it is building science. We use building science to plan better projects and in the planning create better projects.

By using 2x6s framed at 24” on center vs. the traditional 2x4s framed at 16” on center, we can increase the insulation in a home by 69%. This increase in efficiency does not cost anymore and can be achieved merely with proper planning. We take the time to plan through all aspects of home.

This not only makes for a more comfortable home, it makes for a better project from beginning to end.

Further, we have an extensive network of building professionals whom we support and in turn have supported us for over 30 years. During this time we have built the networks and the reputation necessary to do business in the community in which we live and work. This keeps us in touch with what is happening on the ground on a day to day basis.

Awards & Recognition

  • National Association of Builders Gold Level Green Building Certification, multiple
  • Arlington County Green Home Choice, multiple
  • Falls Church Green Building Program, multiple
  • NVBIA – CBC Builder of the year 2011
  • NVBIA – Best Green Home of the year 2013
  • Finest Family Living Award