Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition and Process

Many times, people come to us because they don’t know where to start, or at least they need some help getting the process started. We help them by starting at the beginning. Land. Don’t have a lot/ land? We can help you with that!

As long-time business members and lifelong residents of Arlington County we have a deep network of people looking to sell land. We are always interested in land acquisition, and we are always able to help facilitate the acquisition process with and for our clients.

Mr. Moore not only holds a General Contractors license, but he also holds a real estate license. This allows him to better serve the needs of his clients. Many times, he is the first call for people looking to sell their homes. He will see many opportunities even before they hit the open market. This positions him and his clients very well in the Custom build world. If needed he can help you sell your home, and acquire the land to build your new home.

When working with clients we present on and off market deals as they become available. We build on your lot. A custom home deserves a lot that will meet the expectations of our customers. As part of our process, we can help you find, vet and purchase land. It is all part of the service we offer as true custom home builders. We build for the way you live.