The Process We Follow

We Are a True Custom Builder With a Solid Process

Our Process

Arlington Designer Homes has been in business for over 30 years, in this time we have developed unique systems to suit the unique customers we serve. We are a true Custom Builder, meaning that every project we do is a new creation. ADH leads you through the process of designing and/ or building a new single family or designing and/ or building your renovation. The general outline of the process is the same (below) although the specifics of each project are as diverse as our customers. We take the time to find out how to best work together and customize the plans based on your priorities. We have the experience, resources and talent to guide you through the whole process.

1st Client Meeting

  • Action: Assess the project. Discuss the project needs define opportunities/ challenges and The Scope of Work
  • Result: After this meeting ADH should have enough information to see if we are a good fit for the project. If the project is a good fit we create a general Scope of Work for the client to sign off on prior to meeting #2.

Scope of Work

  • Action: Create general SOW for the project
  • Result: Client signs off on SOW and allowances

2nd Client Meeting

  • Action: Investment range is given based on initial SOW
  • Result: Client makes a decision to engage with ADH, or not to at this time. If the client wishes to engage with ADH for estimation and design services a non-refundable initial deposit is given to ADH and a commitment letter is signed by both parties.
  • The commitment letter is not a binding contract but rather it is an initial commitment to ADH. With this commitment the client is stating that they want to move forward and accepts that there are certain costs associated with discovery and production of architectural and civil engineering plans and estimating.

3rd Client Meeting

  • Action: Client, Builders and Architect meet to discuss the specifics of the project, size, orientation, architectural style, must haves, etc.
  • Action: Minimal selections are made as necessary for completion of pre-production plans when selections have not been finalized an allowance will be used as a place holder until final selections have been made.
  • Result: Builder and Architect have enough information to create concept plans. Concept plans are 8 ½”x11” plans outlining the general organization and massing of the project.

4th Client Meeting

  • Action: Builder, client and Architect will meet to discuss and further refine the design and scope of the project, specific feedback will be given to the architect to modify the concept plans.
  • Result: Architect should have enough information to produce pre-production plans showing the floor plan concepts. These concepts will be submitted to the client for final approval of concept prior to continuing on to permit submission ready plans.

Via- phone, email and meetings as necessary

  • Action: Pre-production plans are signed off on by the client
  • Action: Investment range for project based upon pre-production plans and initial allowances
  • Result: Contract is agreed to and signed. Contract deposit is given to ADHC. Final contract pricing will be adjusted in the contract by addendum once plans have been completed and vendor pricing has been approved.

Final Plan Phase

  • Actions: ‘Permit’ plans are produced; client and ADH continue with the selection process
  • Result: Permit plans are finalized and submitted to the municipality

Final Selection Phase

  • Action: All possible remaining selections and decisions are made, and selection allowances that have been selected are removed
  • Result: Final contract with any remaining allowances is signed

Our systems help us guide you through the process in manageable steps so that you are not overwhelmed. Throughout the process we work with the client to address any questions and to respond in a timely manner. As we are a truly custom builders, we cannot say what we are building until we have a design and selections. Having been in the business for over 30 years we can help clients start to drill down on construction costs and selections to see what the final budget will look like. We use our historical data and extensive professional buying resources to predict and reduce overall project costs. We will be there from beginning to end. We can help you design, price and build your project. We not only work in Arlington, we live in Arlington. We build for the way you live.

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