Garages aren’t just for parking cars anymore. Homeowners are using creativity to transform this formerly function-only space.

However, there are issues to consider when planning a garage-to-dream room renovation. Read on to learn about ideas for transforming this space.

  1. The shape and location matter

Consider that most garages have vaulted ceilings, which create angles that might hinder design and storage obstacles.

And, if you live in a place that gets really cold and gets a lot of snow, be sure you don’t mind parking the car out in the elements.

  1. Take care of important tasks

When designing your dream room, don’t forget to consider insulation, heating, cooling, and lighting. And, don’t forget to make a plan for the garage door, too.

What will you do with everything that is stored in your garage, including the lawn mower? Perhaps a shed in the backyard will come in handy.

  1. Replace a room you are paying for

Make your garage especially useful by turning it into a place where you spend money. Create a gym tailored to your specific needs, or turn the space into a large home office.

  1. Create a kids’ playroom

Another smart use for the space is creating a playroom. Finger paints are messy, but you won’t mind them as much when used in the dedicated play space. Buy small tables and chairs, and use rubber mats or flexible plastic tiles for the flooring.