The holiday season is just around the corner! That means good food, fun gifts and, of course, plenty of family and friends stopping by.
Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating on projects that would make your home safer and more welcoming. But you still have time to spruce up your home with these simple and quick fixes.
Patch a Concrete Sidewalk
Keep guests safe as they arrive at your home this holiday season. If your walkway isn’t cracked all the way through, and it just has cracks and pits on the surface level, you can patch them quite easily. Coat the damaged slab with a concrete resurfacer. You may need to buy enough to cover the entire walk if your existing concrete doesn’t match the resurfacer. However you can also add a concrete tint to match.
Install a Floodlight
Unfortunately, the holiday season is a prime time for home intruders. Installing a motion-sensor floodlight above the garage is one of the simplest and most effective ways to deter a break-in. If someone crosses the path of the floodlight, it will automatically light up. This can also help to welcome guests to your home – and to keep them safe as they enter.
Repair a Sticking Door
A sticking door can be very annoying, and the last thing you want is one on your guest bedroom. Over time, doors can become misaligned and stick when opened and closed. You can repair this problem by shaving off wood from the side of the door, a little bit at a time. Just remember that the wood will “shrink” during colder weather, so don’t take off too much.
Recaulk the Shower
Keep your shower/bathtub looking inviting by replacing worn-out caulk. Brown tinges along the edges with a brittle and cracked texture are sure signs you need to recaulk. Check for areas around the tile surround, the joints of your shower stall, and even the bathroom sink. This project won’t be hard at all – caulk is cheap and applying it is easy and quick. 
Clean the Windows
Finally, nothing freshens up your home – inside and out – better than clear, sparkling windows. Don’t leave a film of dirtiness on your windows after you’ve taken so much time cleaning and decorating your house. Enlist your spouse and kids, and use newspaper and window cleaner to get your windows looking great.