You’ll want to be sure to tune in this Friday, June 4th for the Green Home Tour, a virtual event from EcoAction. Our breakout session will begin at noon, and you can register for the event here.

Arlington Designer Homes was selected for this amazing event because we have the most Arlington County Green Home Choice awards of any company. But mostly because whenever anyone in the county thinks of Green energy efficient homes, they think of us. We have been working with the county for 15 years to develop county wide programs and incentives for builders to create more energy efficient comfortable home.

Our company has been involved at the ground level in developing the National Green program now called the ICC 700. We have also worked with the county on education programs and have participate in past home and garden tours. We are a perennial presence on these tours, and we hope you will join us on Friday!

Green Building — Our Philosophy

The term Green building is thrown around a lot. What Green building means to us is:

  • A more comfortable, healthier home;
  • Money saving features;
  • Reducing our carbon footprint.


We use our green building techniques as a tool to create a tighter envelope and avoid unwanted air infiltration. Controlling where and when air comes in and out of the house enables us to prevent allergens and moisture from entering a home. This in turn creates a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

We incorporate money saving features such as an Energy Recovery Ventilator to exchange stale air with fresh air while using less energy to heat and cool a home.

The last leg of the stool is reducing the overall use of fossil fuels in our homes. This goal is a part of our whole process but we take it further by making all our homes solar ready, installing all LED lighting and using our advanced insulation systems to heat and cool a home using less than 50% of the energy it would take heat and cool a standard code built home.