Most families spend a significant amount of time in their living, or family, room. At the end of a workday or school day, where better to relax and enjoy time together?
However, all that togetherness can get quite messy. The following organizing tips can help you put the family back in the family room in 2022.
1. Give in to the wastebasket. Maybe you’ve been resisting the idea of a wastebasket in your living room. They don’t do much for the décor and may seem misplaced. But trash – from old papers to empty soda cans – strewn across tables doesn’t look good, either.
Buy a wastebasket in a color and texture that matches your living room. Consider getting one with a lid if you plan to throw food or drink containers in.
2. Tame the power cords. The world hasn’t gone wireless just yet, so we still must contend with cords on our TVs, lamps and devices. Don’t let them get tangled; instead, try a cord solution product.
The slim Cableyoyo is a relatively attractive product that coils up to six feet of cord. It comes with an adhesive backing that sticks to almost any surface. Cable caddies can stick to a desktop or TV console and provide space for a few cables to attach into. A cable zipper encloses all of your cables into a tube, keeping them from dangling freely.
3. Define a play zone. Are toys and games taking over your living room? Reclaim your space by defining a place for play. Transfer unused corners of a room into a spot for kids to hang out. Buy small bookcases or a children’s table for toys, books and games. Try rolling bins, too, so kids are encouraged to pick up around the room for the inevitable messes kids can make!
4. Clear the coffee table. Have you forgotten where the coffee table is due to the clutter? Maybe your table isn’t working hard enough for you. After all, there is only so much surface space; you need to think outside the box to find that extra space you need. Add low storage cubes, rolling baskets or bins to place under the table. Or, maybe it’s time to buy a new coffee table altogether. Find one with built-in storage or even a flip-top that conceals clutter.
What living room organizing tips did we miss? How do you keep the family room clear of clutter?