Do you want to save on your next home remodeling project? Sure, we all want to save when making purchases for our homes, such as appliances and refinishing supplies. Keep reading for thrifty ways to save on everything from plaster to dryers.

Check out mom-and-pop shops

Independent retailers have more control over pricing — including discounts — since they don’t have to adhere to the same rules corporate chains do. Start by asking the store manager or the owner for a discount; often, they will work with you to reach a desired price. Doing this shows you are serious about making a purchase — request 10 to 15 percent off in a respectful manner.

Ask for a package deal

Do all of your shopping in one place for suites of kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures, for example. Bundling your purchases like this makes you a bigger customer, and this could lead to lower prices or perks like free delivery or an upgraded service plan.

Search for new items at reuse centers

Nonprofit home recycling centers sell new items, such as cabinetry and bathtubs, in addition to gently used materials. Contractors and designers donate excess materials in order to get a tax deduction. Showrooms have even been known to donate display model items. Then, the centers sell the materials to the public for a reduced price. The best selection can be had between mid-November and the end of December when people rarely do renovations, leaving inventory to pile up. During May through October, there is a higher turnover, so visit centers often to find what you need.