If your home comes equipped with a basement, but you’re not utilizing this space, then you are missing out on some prime real estate – literally.

Basements can add often-used rooms to your house, and even function as multiple rooms, depending on the design you set up. Some homeowners like to create a gym or home office in the basement. Others like to set up a kids’ playroom or even a spare guest bedroom.

Many of us, however, like to install a media room when we have the luxury of deciding what to do with a basement. Here are some tips to get you started, and give us a call when you’re ready to turn your basement into a media room the whole family can enjoy.

Don’t put screens near windows. The glare will ruin your entire viewing experience. This tips needs to be tackled first since placement of the TV will likely dictate the entire room’s design.

Don’t worry about low-ish ceilings. You don’t have to have high ceilings in this room since you’ll mostly be seated when you’re there.

Do research platform seating to increase visibility like in a theater. True theater seating can be expensive, but a platform is more affordable.

Do consult a home theater pro or an audio/visual retailer when it comes to speaker placement and correct viewing distances if you are a movie aficionado.

Do insulate the walls of a media room, and not just the exterior walls, to dampen noise.