Warm weather is upon us, and that means spending more time in your home’s outdoor spaces. While it’s second nature for most homeowners to update their home’s indoor décor, many of us forget to give the same attention to our decks and porches.

This is the perfect time of year to add comfort and design features to the deck. Here are six ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Need more than decorative updates? Get in touch to learn how we can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful extension of your home.

  1. Get comfy

Just like indoor furniture, outdoor furniture should look and feel comfortable. Wicker chairs with plush cushions with throw pillows are a nice choice. Choose the patterns and colors with the same care you would your living room furniture, and you’ll feel right at home on your deck.

  1. Add dimension

Slightly elevated decks add interest to an otherwise flat yard. Decks with two levels give the appearance of having two different rooms in your yard, making the area visually appealing while offering the feeling of a larger space.

  1. Create privacy

Even if you have nearby neighbors, you can have privacy on your deck or patio. Plants offer privacy – consider a lattice wall with climbing vines, or even a row of potted evergreens on the floor.

  1. Unify with color

Apply the same design concepts that you would to your indoor spaces. Focus on just one or two colors to unify your décor. Choose a neutral color, and then add a pop color to offer design interest.

  1. Add water

Water features add a soothing and sophisticated element to your sundeck. A water feature, such as a fountain powered by a recirculating pump, can be the focal point of a seating area. If you have a green thumb, you can also create a beautiful water garden in a pot.

  1. Use space under deck

If your deck is built high upon the ground, create a patio underneath for twice the outdoor space.