A sustainable home consists of energy efficiency, smart material selection, and the avoidance of environmental toxins. This home has the least possible negative impact on the environment, and each step in the building process is thoughtfully considered to create a positive physical and psychological effect on the homeowners. 

How we build matters, and modern home building should always keep sustainability in mind. Here are five tips for lessening your environmental footprint with a sustainably built home.

HVAC Design

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are your home’s largest energy consumers, so you will want to ensure they are efficient and well-designed. Installing a smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to add efficiency as it optimizes energy output based on your comfort level. Breaking your house into temperature zones that can be controlled independently by room can keep everyone comfortable while conserving energy in the rooms you use less often. Mini-split heating and air conditioning units can control your zone-based system with a condenser outside and one unit per room inside the house.


R-value refers to the rating of insulation material with the highest R-values equaling the most insulation. Ensure your home has the proper R-value for your climate. Adhere to the local energy codes and aim to surpass – not just meet – the minimum insulation standards. 

Air Sealing

Akin to insulation, air sealing keeps drafts out and temperature-controlled air in. Be sure there is sealing at all the openings in your roof and throughout your walls. Must-have sealing locations include doors, windows, vents, electrical conduits, and other penetrations. 

Window and Door Selection

Selecting the correct windows and doors is crucial for sustainability. These products need weather stripping and a tight closure.  The type of glass and material insulation are also important for windows and doors that prevent air leakage. Make sure these home features are installed correctly by a trusted professional. 

Energy Star Appliances

Start your home out right by buying only energy-efficient appliances and equipment. Look for Energy Star-rated appliances, especially in the kitchen where a lot of energy is consumed. 

We often get asked what sets us apart from others. The answer is simple: We are a true custom builder who specializes in Green building. Partner with us to build your dream home in a smart and sustainable way.