Arlington Designer Homes builds houses with beautiful windows to open up spaces, let light in, and give rooms a luxurious feel. Taking care of those windows is easier than you might think.

In an ideal world, windows would be washed two times each year. However, since this task is often dreaded by homeowners, it doesn’t get done nearly enough. If you dread cleaning your windows, you might be doing it the wrong way. Wadded-up newspaper or worse – paper towels – along with spray cleaner rarely yield good results. Instead, go the way of the pros by using a squeegee and a few other items. The results will be sparkling clean, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is.

1. Clean with a strip applicator. (Picture windows)

Use a strip applicator with a long cloth to scrub dirt loose while protecting the glass. You can mix your own cleaning solution with a drop of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water.

2. Use a squeegee to wipe glass clean. (Picture windows)

Use a reverse-S pattern to move the squeegee across the window pane. Wipe the blade with a lint-free rag after each pass.

3. Remove any drips. (Picture windows)

Dry off the edges of the glass using a damp (not wet) chamois. This will mop up the moisture without leaving streaks. Use a rag to dry the window sill.

4. Custom-fit the squeegee. (Multi-pane windows)

Divided-light windows can be difficult to clean, so you’ll need a squeegee that fits the panes. Use a hacksaw to trim the metal channel ¼ inch narrower than the window pane; file down the edges until smooth. Cut the rubber blade with a utility knife, to the width of the pane.

5. Scrub each pane. (Multi-pane windows)

The best tool to use on multi-pane windows is a hog-bristle brush.  Use a squirt of liquid soap in water to brush each pane from every direction, and don’t forget to scrub the corners.

6. Use a squeegee to wipe it clean. (Multi-pane windows)

Using one stroke from top to bottom, pull the squeegee down each window pane. Clean the blade with a rag after each turn. Remove any streaks with a chamois, and dry the sill.

If you’d like to open up your space and welcome the light in, give us a call. We can design bright, fresh windows that will make your home more enjoyable.