Scott Weinhold

From Houzz:
Andy and his company Arlington Designer Homes did a great job for us. They did a major renovation: expanded and completely redesigned the kitchen, completely redid both our bathrooms, installed modern recessed lighting throughout the house, installed all new windows, put in much improved insulation in the attic, along with new attic stairs and installed a full length attic vent in the roof, much improving ventilation and energy efficiency. They put in a giant picture window in our master bedroom and another in the kitchen. They also did a whole bunch of smaller items like redoing cupboard spaces, painting, etc. Everything was on budget and on schedule, often even ahead of schedule.

This was a huge investment for us, probably equivalent to 30% of our home’s value, but our old (1950) ranch house is now completely transformed. The new bathrooms are luxurious, the whole house is brighter and feels much more open, and everyone who visits says how much they love the big new kitchen.

We’re not very detail oriented people so we only gave Andy pretty vague ideas of what we wanted done and he then got together the architects, the permits, and all the professionals needed to make it happen. He consulted with us remotely all along the way (we were posted overseas during the whole planning stage) and always gave solid advice, including sometimes recommending cheaper or simpler alternatives even though it meant a lower amount for his company. We have had many friends in the DC area tell us of their home renovation horror stories and we are very relieved to have had such a great experience with Andy Moore and Arlington Designer Homes.