Wilmer Tinley

In 2012, I stopped at a new home construction site of Arlington Designer Homes. I had an interest in the type and quality of their work. Andy Moore, a principal in ADH, took me on a tour of the property. I was impressed with the overall work site organization and the quality of construction.

Later I was invovled in a repair project at my home to correct complex issues I had with rotting wood. My contractor seemed to be doing a good job but I had concerns regarding the expertise he had relating to support beam work.

I thoughr of Andy Moore and asked if he would mind doing some consulting work for me and assess the handling of my project by my contractor (I had not asked ADH to do the work since I was aware that it was not the type of work ADH was looking for). Andy graciously agreed to come by and look at what had been done and what was planned to complete my project.He found that my contractor was approaching my task professionally and doing the things needed to make for a good finished job. Andy’s promptness in responding to my plea for guidance and the thoroughness of his review of the work which had been done and was planned gave me the desired sense of relief I was looking for. If I should consider new home construction in the Arlington area, I would certainly speak with ADH first. I am very comfortable with what I saw regarding quality of workmanship, site maintenance, promptness of response and overall comfort in the dealings I had with ADH.