Having a contractor and their crew spend days or weeks in your home can be a stressful experience. You need people you can trust, but you have to remain objective, too. You want to be welcoming while also staying out of the team’s way. These three ground rules can help you navigate the contractor-homeowner relationship.


Be sure to ask your contractor how the project is going at least every couple of days. Ask if they need anything from you and whether they are facing any time-consuming issues. You don’t have to engage in lengthy conversations; in fact, most contractors prefer to keep interactions short so that they can stay on schedule.

Let Them Work

Resist the temptation to hover over the crew or spend an excessive amount of time in the room where the renovation is taking place. Keep your visits short along with your conversations. Your presence could prevent the crew from working accurately and keeping on track with the project schedule. You may be able to hang around and shoot the breeze on tiling a backsplash, for example, but the crew has only allotted a certain amount of time with you before their next job begins.

Show Appreciation 

Did you know that one unsatisfied customer is more likely to leave a negative review than twenty satisfied ones are likely to leave a positive one? Contracting is especially reliant on word-of-mouth and reviews from past customers, so securing good reviews is a top priority for them. Leaving a good review or providing a referral is one of the most effective ways you can show your appreciation for your contracting team’s work.